One post every two years. That’s surely gotta be eligible for something like the ‘shittest number of blog updates ever’, award :-)

Jeez, I’m really not getting into this blog thing am I? What, 2 years since my last post, that’s shit by anyone’s standard.

Well, thought I might just give a brief update. The missus and I finally got around to setting up our business, which has now been running for about 20 months – http://www.fullbellydeli.co.uk

It’s fucking hard work! It’s longer hours and more stressful… but it’s OURS 🙂 No tosser can boss us around and tell us what to do.

If you’re in Chorley, come see us on Pall Mall, or maybe just look for us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/FullBellyDeli.

Right, going finishing my half bottle of wine before I fall asleep cause I’m bollocksed. Tara for now, cya in another year 😉


Another year, another blog post

It’s Been a while (again) since my last blog post. I just don’t seem to get around to it. I’m sure, no, certain there’s plenty of things going on in my life that I could write about; I just don’t seem to get the inclination to actually do it.

Indeed there is a lot of stuff going on at the moment. New career direction being the main one. I say new career direction, that’s kind of an understatement. I’m currently an IT professional and have been a DBA/Software developer for over 15 years, not including the four I spent at Blackburn college. Recently however, I’ve been developing an aversion to the farce that is “software development”.

Whether it’s commercial development for software to sell, or bespoke for internal systems it’s always the same, full of bullshit. Usually proliferated by upper management and their inability to grasp the fundamental requirements of an effective development lifecycle (there are some exceptions, and those of you who I’m referring to may read this will hopefully realise you’re not included in this stereotyping 🙂 ) In other words, they keep moving the fucking goal posts or sometimes can’t even find them in the first place! Anyway, I digress. The intention of this blog is not to whinge about software development so i’ll stop now…

Ahh, [deep breath] right, anyway, all that crap is soon to be behind me anyway as myself and the missus are in the final stages of embarking on our new joint venture. We’re buying a local cafe business with plans to expand into buffet catering and lunch deliveries. Not going into too much detail just now as we’ve not exchanged contracts yet. Hopefully though, we should be completing within the next couple of weeks.

Enthusiastic about the potential
Excited about being our own bosses (is that grammatically correct? hmm)
Frustrated that it seems to be taking so long
Apprehensive about the unknown financial future
Nervous about actually being able to run the business well and not cocking it all up
Annoyed about the solicitors and surveyers taking a share of our startup costs in blood
Hopeful that the learning ‘cliff’ isn’t going to be too steep
Thankul that we have lots of family and friends that will almost certainly help us juggle our existing family commitments, help out with the shop and put the word about and get us more business!

Well, enough blathering for now. Should have an update again soon (hopefully not in another 6 months, which seems to be the average interval for my blog posts)

Cya for now


You see, in this world there’s two kinds of people, my friend…

Those who eat to live, and those who live to eat.

I most certainly belong to the latter category!


Yes, I’m still here

Well it really has been a while…

Lots of stuff going on at the moment. Work probationary period coming to and end, decisions to make. Setting up a new business with the missus in a completely different field. Big changes afoot, hopefully!

Watch this space.

Oh, and now hooked on Eve Online. Managed to wean myself off WoW about 6 months ago, only to replace it with Internet spaceships 🙂 Just wish i’d stumbled across the game years ago. Ah well


Is this bloody WordPress FB app working?

Hello mum, can you hear me?


Not too many turds

Well last night didn’t go too bad tbh. Was my night on watch so kipped in the front room (comfier than you’d think on the recliners) – which is closer to the kitchen and also didn’t involve any stairs to go arse over tit down while half asleep.

Set my phone timer for 3 hours and was therefore up at 2am and again at 5am to see Holly outside for a dump/pee. Went for a pee both times but no number 2. 6:30 ish was awoken by whining and howling and took her out again but nada. Twas only when I put her back in her cage that I noticed she’d peed and crapped. All in all, not too bad a night, could have been worse.


New arrival

Been a while since my last blog, but have some news worth blogging. Our new arrival is here. I thought we’d got past all the sleepless nights with the kids and then we go and do something daft like get a puppy:


She definitely cute though. Her name’s Holly and she’s an 8 week old Patterdale Terrier.

…and is an absolute nutter. Within 10 mins of tentatively meeting the kids (which is enough to put anyone off) she was running around and playing like a loony. Once i’ve worked out how the hell to convert AVCHD mp4 video from my new Panasonic camera to something more manageable, i’ll upload some vid.

It’s all quiet at the moment but a sleepless night awaits me thinks 🙂

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